Thursday, May 8, 2008

Great Car Websites

Here is a list of awesome car websites, they include everything from the exotic at , to websites exclusively related to Formula 1 such as , a blog at . An a website with articles on spare parts, exotic super cars and more at . Send us information on other car websites you like...

Monday, November 5, 2007

Acura NSX and it's future...

I don't know if I am wowed! by the 2008 Honda exotic.
It's not low or wide enough...or something.
Am I crazy, or have I becomed enamored with the old body style?
Don't get me wrong, it's a sweet looking car...but it wasn't the same feeling as when I first saw it in 1991.
Maybe my age has something to do with it? Although I still love sports cars and I fanatically watch every Formula 1 race, no matter what time...
Maybe it's Honda's Formula 1 car that has me so depressed!
I can't believe that Ayrton Senna drove a Honda to the title and last season I don't think Honda even scored a point.
I know Barichello didn't score a point for the 1st time in his 14 year career... He's NO Kimi or Fernando...and maybe he isn't as good as Lewis... But NOT ONE POINT!
Honda-Please make a better Formula 1 car and then launch a NEW EXOTIC!!!!

Monday, September 3, 2007

Check out my Acura NSX

This is by far the best handling car I've ever driven... Although I have made many modifications to the original, this super car will definitely change the way you see driving... A light, explosive car that can and will stop on a dime, handles like "It's on rail" and never, ever breaks down. I have owned this one for over 8 years, and have yet to encouter a problem...
For the money, it's pound for pound, the best exotic car in the world... Check out my website at and see for yourself...